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Tamara Levenson

Grassroots Democrats HQ
Executive Director
Los Angeles
Tamara Levenson is the Executive Director of the Grassroots Democrats HQ whose mission  is to DEFEND and FLIP:  Defend Democrats’ 2018 House gains, flip the Senate, take back the White House in 2020, and turn key state legislatures blue.  She is also the Director of Campaigns for  WM Sister Network the political arm of the Women’s March Foundation which provides intersectional education, training, outreach programs and entry points for grassroots activists & organizers to engage in local communities within the political sphere supporting elections which furthers the the feminist agenda.  Tamara has dedicated herself to bringing diverse groups of volunteers together to support the phone banking, letter writing, texting and voter engagement needs of campaigns.  She was instrumental in flipping seven Congressional seats in California.  During the 2018 election cycle she led a team that made 1.9 million phone calls, through 3,500 phone bank shifts at the West Los Angeles location and over 4,000 phone bank shifts at more than 90 remote phone bank locations in addition to hundreds of individuals calling from their homes.  Her team provided 19 buses to 8 congressional races, completing over 600 canvassing shifts and knocking on thousands of voter doors.   Tamara’s devotion to political activism stems from her belief that this is our generation’s civil rights movement. The rights and privileges she grew up with are now under assault and it is her duty to fight for our future. Tamara believes the Democratic Party is made stronger by melding the grassroots and the established political process, as proven by the blue tsunami witnessed across the country. She is a lifelong activist for human rights who began her political career in 2015 when she could no longer sit idly by listening to the racist and misogynistic rhetoric on the GOP side of the Presidential election. She was a volunteer leader at the 2016 Westside Democratic HQ, and at the conclusion of the election redirected her expertise to mobilize people across the country working on red to blue elections as Code Blue’s National Phone Bank Captain. She created a remote phone bank system that trained and empowered thousands of volunteers to make local elections a national effort.  After working on almost 50 state-level, federal and nonfederal races across the country Tamara returned to the Westside Democratic HQ as the Co-Manager and Field Director for the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.  In 2019 Tamara is continuing to Flip and Defend elections ensuring our country is prepared to take back the White House in 2020 as Grassroots Democrats HQ Executive Director and the WM Sister Network Director of Campaigns.