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Karen May

Groundworks Campaigns, Just Policy Action, Action Together Network / ATN Leaders Network, National Network Assembly, Res
Working for the UFW under Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta as my first job out of college deeply shaped my understanding of democracy and trained me as a lifelong organizer and coalition builder. During the 90’s I organized labor-community coalitions around deindustrialization in Chicago, cooperative development in Puerto Rico, and went back to Chicago in hybrid nonprofit/economic development/Dem politics (where one of my peak experiences was writing “community development venture capital” legislation with then-State Senator Barack Obama). With master’s degrees in Community Economic Development and International Econ, I think of myself as a weird organizer-policy wonk hybrid.

After the infamous 2016 election I felt the call to pivot from international development work back to my grassroots, and started organizing with local resistance groups and building coalitions, which led me to national coalition work as an admin with Just Policy Action (formerly RISE Stronger), National Network Assembly and ATN Leaders Network, while continuing SoCal coalition building and training through events like Resistance Bootcamp (voter engagement training) and ActLocal LA. In 2020 I was the Field Coordinator for the CA Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in San Bernardino County, responsible for coordinating voter contact and volunteer efforts for all democratically-endorsed campaigns in my county. I am currently a Coordinator with Groundworks Campaigns implementing a vaccination outreach program in targeted communities.

I still feel a huge need to reach communities that we as progressive organizers have not yet reached, and to take a longer term approach to lay a solid foundation for the future, beyond the current election cycle. I am passionate (possibly obsessed) about coalition building and finding innovative ways to collaborate and amplify our message, power, and values. I try to bring an anti-racist lens and agenda to all of the organizing work I do, and believe that as a white person it’s my responsibility to use my privilege to dismantle white supremacy wherever I see it, and to create processes and spaces to educate and move folks along that journey. I love teaching organizing skills and strategizing in a way that brings new voices into the dialogue with compassion. Movement sustainability has been on my mind lately – as a yoga & meditation teacher I also try to teach emotional resilience and work toward integrating inner and outer liberation.
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