Indivisible California Summit 2019 has ended
                                    Welcome to the CA Indivisible Summit 2019!
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Jed Pauker

Venice Resistance, CA-33
Board member, member
Former musician and recovering IT consultant.
From Washington, DC - with a clear view of Congress but no vote there.
Venice Neighborhood Council prior Board and committee member - meetings, meetings, meetings, land use planning/development, Brown Act, Ethics code, city, county and Coastal Commission advocacy.
Federal Election campaigns: Staff - policy, messaging, backend; live and remote GOTV work. Indivisible work is adding the state level, to complete my personal advocacy/governance pyramid.
Organizing, coordinating actions, marches and advocacy efforts.
Indivisible offers the chance to create a unified, eyes-open, multi-generational movement to make humanity equitably sustainable. With tools and techniques borrowed from the Tea Party and NRA, we can build a superior, effective and consensus-based decision and action engine. Toward that end, I allocate time to liaising with many area groups, with the broad goal of honing and replicating successful working models throughout the nation.
Saturday, February 16

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Sunday, February 17

9:35am PST

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