Indivisible California Summit 2019 has ended
                                    Welcome to the CA Indivisible Summit 2019!
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Chas Castell

Inidivisible Burbank
I want to have lovely conversations with lovely people about how we can change the world. I worked for Rep Schiff in the last election cycle and I have about 15 years in digital and now run my own digital consultancy (we've worked with Loraine Lundquist for LA City Council, Tatiana Matta in CD-23 and Julia Peacock in CD-42).
I'm also part of a group called Face The Music Collective which performs music at activist events, coupled with barnstorming for campaigns and causes. Our co-founder just came back from a tour in Virginia where he recruited 96 volunteers (36% conversion rate from the attendees), and raised $1,200 for Representative campaigns.
I want to spread a message of love and unite people so we defeat the forces of darkness and repair the tattered immune system of our culture. Please come and let's talk and have incredible ideas together. Brilliant conversations are what kick start everything we've done.
Oh and I'll be there tallest person there so I'm easy to find!
Saturday, February 16

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